Community Fundraising

“Community Fundraiser” Car Wash Basics:

Getting Started

Plaza Express Car Wash is happy to help our community by offering (2) fundraiser programs to benefit local non-profit organizations and schools. We will be doing one event per month for the months of March- October.

Note- Fundraising programs will be handled by and through Stacy Daly (814)336-8437  [email protected]

  • Call to see if the month you’re interested in selling is available.
  • We have two fundraising plans:
    1. “Express Code” Plan
      • We prepare a template flier for your group to put out throughout your community or sphere of influence. It will indicate what you are doing and how (see “Express Code” plan flier). Customer will come into the wash and order the Platinum wash being sure to enter the code on flier. Your group will receive $7 back for each qualified wash (less the 6% sales tax)  (Platinum wash with code) over that one or two day period. Someone from your group must be on site in the event there are questions and there is always the potential for earning extra money in the form of “tips” by doing extra things like vacuuming & cleaning interiors of cars. We see a HUGE difference in $ when teenagers (over age 10) are on site. We can do these TWO days per month and that can be a Sat. & Sun. or maybe two Sat. back to back.
    2. Pre-Loaded “Express Bucks” Plan
      • Your group will go out and sell our $25, $50 or $100 gift card. They will collect the money as they go and when done call us with the number of cards needed . We will load the gift cards. You will pay us $30 per card and we will give you back $10 for each card sold less cost of card (45 cents) and the 6% sales tax. This plan can run for up to a month (selling time) and customer can use the card anytime as they don’t expire.
  • Organization must be a nonprofit with a 501(c) (3) classification and be able to provide its Tax ID number.
  • The organization chairperson will fill out an application and submit it to the Plaza Express Car Wash choosing their plan or indicating they want to meet with one of our people to explain further. They can email form to Stacy.
  • Once approved the chair person will pick up a master flier/template to start promoting their specific plan (supplied/approved by Plaza Express).
  • We will not “hold” a month without a signed contract.
  • An organization may participate one time per 12 month period.

Raise large sums of money quickly, with nothing to buy or spoil.

You’ll be offering a quality product with a well-established and respected company.

You’ll give your contributors something of real value for their contribution.

For a copy of our contract – call or email Stacy (814) 336-8437 [email protected]